How To Have The Perfect Labor Day Pool Party

How To Have The Perfect Labor Day Pool Party

It’s Labor Day Weekend, which means you need to close out the summer pool season with a bang!

It’s Labor Day Weekend, which means you need to close out the summer pool season with a bang! If you have a pool, you might be hosting a Labor Day party (which means your weekend is going to be busy). You’re probably a seasoned vet in throwing parties, but there are a few tricks to make it an unforgettable time. The pool is likely going to be the center of the party, and you can rely on that, but don’t become complacent. Along with the pool, you’ll also have other areas that’ll need attention.

Create An Atmosphere

Having a memorable party is all about creating an atmosphere that will draw people. The type of party where jaws drop when guests enter. You can start working toward this vibe by providing fun decor. Sometimes it’s the little things that count, so don’t forget about them. You can purchase a cheap volleyball net for the pool, or you can have an assortment of floating tubes. Of course, it’s always crucial to have a cornhole set beside the pool. It’s your party, and you get to decide on the theme.

Be Aware Of Safety

Adult beverages are great for a party, especially on Labor Day when relaxation and fun is the goal. Everything should be controlled, and taken in moderation, however. You also need to be aware of the children at the party, as they’ll most likely be occupying the pool. Safety at the pool is always important, and it’s imperative when children are involved. The last thing you want is an accident occurring. For the sake of preparing, you should have a first-aid kit ready in case anything does happen.

Have A Contest

Whether it’s at the beginning or end, you should try and devise a contest for you and your guests. A great option would be a splash contest! A splash contest is simply having people perform a cannonball to see who can create the biggest splash. This is an easy option, and it’s a game that every single guest can play. If you really want to make it interesting, you could go one step further and provide a prize for the winner of the biggest splash.

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