// Pool Cleaning Systems

A new swimming pool offers many benefits. From a great source of exercise to the perfect excuse for spending more time outside, your own customized inground pool will be an investment you never regret. All pools require routine cleaning and maintenance to keep the water healthy and ensure your pool always looks its best, which is why Paradise Pools offers a variety of efficient and effective pool cleaning systems to make cleaning your pool a breeze. Our pool cleaning systems can be installed in both new pools as well as during swimming pool renovations and we are proud to be a swimming pool renovation contractor who serves clients throughout Maryland, Ellicott City, Columbia, Potomac, Rockville, Towson, Annapolis, Severna Park, New Market, Mount Airy and Sykesville.

Paramount PCC2000 Pool Cleaning System

The Paramount PCC2000 is a self-cleaning system that is built directly into the pool. The system keeps your pool clean and healthy using nearly invisible technology that removes dirt and debris and is customized to suit the unique needs of your pool.

The PCC2000 can clean both pools and spas, and automatically cleans the floors, walls, and benches. Using advanced circulation technology, the system saves money on both chemical and heating costs and keeps your pool clean and swimmable at all times so your pool will be ready whenever you are in the mood to take a dip.

Pool Sweeps

Automatic pool cleaners, also known as pool sweeps, are another way to keep your inground swimming pool clean and swimmable. These models essentially work like vacuum cleaners that suck up large debris and prevent you from having to deal with the tedious job of skimming your pool every day when a pool cover is not in use. There are two main types of pool sweeps on the market that work slightly differently:

Suction Side Pool Sweeps

A suction side pool sweep connects to a suction port in your pool which pulls water from the pool in order to be filtered. The pool sweep moves around your pool via the suction that is created from the filter pump and allows the sweep to collect debris and strain it through your strainer basket. Suction side pool sweeps are also capable of scrubbing the walls of your pool.

Pressure Side Pool Sweeps

Pressure side pool sweeps also collect debris from your pool, but they cannot scrub your pool’s walls. This is because they work by using your pump’s water pressure to force debris into a bag, somewhat like a lawnmower. This offers the benefit of preventing your filter from getting clogged with leaves and other debris.