4 Things To Know Before Closing Your Pool

Things To Know Before Closing Your Pool

You need to take the appropriate steps to ensure your pool opens in good condition for the following season.

The next week will bring temperatures in the high 70’s, which means it’s time to start thinking about closing your pool down for the summer. While there are a few ways you can extend your season, you want to do what’s best for the maintenance of your pool. There are specific ways in which you should approach closing your pool. You need to take the appropriate steps to ensure it opens in good condition for the following season.

Clean It Again

Before you say goodbye to your pool for the summer, put in the effort for one final cleaning. A good strategy is to use a power washer in the pool. Rather than tirelessly scrubbing, you can get underwater with a power washer and blast away any particles of dirt that have accumulated on the sides. Not only will the pool look clean, but you’ll be improving the quality of your filtration system for next summer.

Treat Your Water

You don’t want to go into Fall and Winter with a pool full of bacteria, so make sure you pay attention to your water. Not only is the level important, but the contents matter as well. You should shock the pool in increments before covering it up, and then introduce algaecide before the final closure.

Keep The Filter Moving

Even though you may not be doing any more cannonballs into the water, it’s a good idea to keep the filter running up until close. By doing this, you’re allowing the water to move the chemicals around and effectively reach all parts of the pool.

Assess The Area And Cover

Clearly, this is a simple task. You should be well aware of the surroundings, and make sure nothing is left in the pool. Finally, you must evaluate your pool cover to make sure it’s in good condition.

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