Extend Your Pool Season With These Simple Tips

Extend Your Pool Season with These Simple Tips

If you want to increase your pool hours as the summer winds down, these are some of the best ways to get the job done.

School supplies are filling the shelves at retailers, the calendar is preparing to turn over another page, and the end of summer is rapidly approaching. For pool owners, this time of year means one thing—trying to extend your pool season as long as possible. If you want to increase your pool hours as the summer winds down, these are some of the best ways to get the job done.

Add a Gas Heater

Gas heaters help to extend your pool season the longest possible amount. Gas pool heaters use natural gas or propane to gently heat water before it enters your pool. Gas heaters can be used in any season or climate and work very quickly and effectively. However, gas heaters are particularly expensive to run in exchange for their convenience.

Use a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are the most popular way to extend the pool season for many homeowners. Heat pumps have a significant upfront cost, but they are a smart investment in the long run. They save homeowners a great deal of money over time. Per hour, on average, a gas heater costs $3.30-$4.40 to run. In contrast, a heat pump costs only about $0.63 an hour. Heat pumps work by using the air around your unit to warm up the pool water, so the catch is that the temperature needs to be about 50 degrees outside. Depending on how long you want to extend your pool season, a heat pump might be the perfect option for you.

Solar Pool Covers

One of the most innovative new ways to extend your pool season is with solar pool covers. Once you invest in the purchase of one, you will never need to pay for them again. These solar pool covers use sunlight to heat your pool and lock in the heat when it is not in use. They are not necessarily easy to remove or store, but they offer the most cost savings.

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