5 Ways to Maintain Pool Safety

5 Ways To Maintain Pool Safety

While having a pool is a rush of fun, it’s important to always be safe. 

Keeping your family safe on summer afternoons at your Maryland pool is incredibly important. Aside from the basics, here are five of the best ways that you can maintain excellent pool safety.

Keep an Eye Out

The most important pool safety tip is paying attention at all times. While most adults hang around the pool while their children are taking a dip, most don’t have their eyes trained on their children at all times. Unfortunately, adults need to stay 100% focused on their children while they are in the water. Young children don’t yet have developed senses of danger, and they can drown in a single inch of water. It’s important to stay close so that you can react in the event of an emergency.

Add a Pool Fence

Pool fences are often the law, and for a great reason—they are vital for pool safety. Pool fences create a barrier between children, pets, and the pool so that they cannot wander back and put themselves at risk without you knowing. Purchase pool fencing that is at least 4 feet high so that children cannot simply climb over the top.

Clean Up, Clean Up

You should clean up the area surrounding the pool after every time the pool is used. By leaving toys and debris around the surface, you are increasing the chance that you or someone else will slip and fall into the pool (or fall on the cold, hard concrete surface!). A little bit of cleaning up gives a major boost to your pool safety.

Put Away the Ladders

Even if you have a pool fence, taking away the ladder from your pool when it is not in use is a good idea. Pool ladders can be used by wildlife to enter your pool when you aren’t paying attention, aside from your child or pet using it. Pool ladders are another simple way to prevent anyone from experiencing harm in your pool.

Set Clear Rules

The best way to enforce pool safety is with a set of rules that everyone understands and enforces. Teach your children why it is important not run near the pool or dive in the pool so that they know the potential consequences of their actions.

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