Six Pool Safety Tips To Prepare For Summer

High angle view of a boy and a girl in an inflatable ring in a swimming pool

Pools are more fun when enjoyed safely!

Millions of people every year enjoy the warm summer weather and beat the heat by swimming in backyard pools. There can be quite a few safety concerns when it comes to swimming though; do you know if your swimming pool is equipped with the proper safety features? Let’s explore six tips to keep you and your family safe this summer season.

Set Up Barriers

It’s a good idea to surround your residential pool with a barrier like a fence with a self-latching gate. When the pool or hot tub is not in use be sure to cover your pool and remove any step ladders that provide access to the pool. Some contractors even provide automated pool covers to allow for ease and peace of mind.

Watch the Children

While it is common sense to keep children under supervision at all times, sometimes this tip needs to be reinforced. The American Red Cross reports that over 200 children drown in swimming pools each year; keeping children within arm’s reach and never allowing them to swim alone can help prevent tragedy.

Swimming Lessons

Buy your children or other adults in your life swimming lessons to ensure that everyone knows how to swim and understands basic pool safety. Even refreshers like treading water and how to swim quickly can make everyone feel more at ease. Remember if a child does not know how to swim, floatation devices are a great way to get them used to the water.

Keep It Clean

Ensuring that your pool water is clean and clear is one of the best ways to make sure your swimmers are having a positive and safe experience in your residential pool. Maintain the proper chemical levels in your pool, testing them often and make sure your filtration system is running efficiently. This can minimize the risk of earaches, rashes and other diseases caused by unclean water.

Make Rules

Establish rules for your pool area. Make sure everyone knows the basics of pool safety and enforce the rules on a regular basis especially if you have diving boards or water slides. Post signs around your pool for a quick reference to rules like “Walk Please” or “No Diving.”


Make sure everyone in your home is prepared and knows how to respond to an aquatic emergency. Consider having someone in your become CPR trained along with basic first-aid to avoid emergencies.

Install a Residential Pool With Paradise

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