How To Open Your Pool In Five Simple Steps

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Summer is inching closer every day!

Summer is inching closer and closer every day which means it will soon be time to open your pool. If you’re looking for simple tips on how to complete the task safely and efficiently, read on!

Two Is Company

Enlist the help of a neighbor, or turn the task into a chore for one of the kids. Sure, you can open the pool alone, but you can cut the time it takes to do so in half by recruiting assistance.

The Early Bird

The Maryland humidity creates the perfect environment for algae growth, and your pool cover is no exception. If you wait until the first day of summer to open your pool, you’ll have to spend more time cleaning the unwelcomed green substance from the pool walls. By opening the pool early, you can also take advantage of the early worm deals at your local pool store or online!

The Art of Preparedness

You don’t want to start opening your pool and realize you don’t have the necessary tools. Before you begin, make sure that you have your necessities. For a successful pool opening, you’ll need a spring opening kit, a skimmer head, a vacuum head, a pool brush, and test strips. Depending on your shape or variety of pool, you may need other specific items as well.

Pump It Up

Once you’ve removed the cover from off of your pool, ensure that your filter system is up and running, Keep it running until your pool is crystal clear and pretty enough to jump into. Once the pool is clean, you can keep your system running between 10 and 12 hours a day.

The Art of Cleanliness

Before you store your pool cover, use a car wash soap to brush the entire thing down. Make sure that the cover is completely dry before you store it, as a wet cover could develop mold over the course of the summer.

Gorgeous Swimming Pools from Paradise Pools

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