Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool: The Basics

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Vanishing edge swimming pools have many advantages, but make sure you understand how they work before having one installed.

When most people think of a vanishing edge swimming pool they probably picture something they’ve seen on HGTV or Instagram. But these types of pools are becoming more popular among homeowners because of the amazing views and their architectural beauty. If you are considering having a vanishing edge swimming pool installed in your yard, you need to understand the basics of how this type of pool operates, and what to expect from your pool construction company.

Weir Wall

The weir wall is where the magic happens. This is the edge of your pool that the water flows over. It’s usually built 1/16 to ¼ inch lower than the required water level to allow for the vanishing edge effect. Since water is constantly contacting this wall on both sides, it’s important for the builder to waterproof both sides. The water from the main pool flows over the weir wall, with the help of a pump, and into a catch pool that sits lower than the main pool. The water is then recirculated into the main pool from the catch pool.

Check Valves

Since the catch pool is below the main pool, the water naturally wants to give into gravity and drain into the catch pool. A check valve in the line between the pools is essential to making sure this doesn’t happen. For a second line of defense, ask your builder about installing a vacuum breaker into the system. A vacuum breaker is a type of valve that uses supply pressure to prevent backflow of water.

Good Communication

Since most people don’t quite understand how vanishing edge pools work, it’s important to make sure you talk through the operation with your pool construction company. In many cases, customers will think they have a leak because the water level in the catch pool drops by a noticeable amount most days. This is common because the evaporation loss from the main pool and the catch pool will be visible in just the catch pool.

Why should I trust Paradise Pools to Install My Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool?

At Paradise Pools, we believe in providing top quality products in a low-pressure atmosphere. We never want our clients to feel pressured into investing in a pool they do not completely love: we want you to choose Paradise Pools because you truly feel like we are the right fit for you. We are proud to say that we are not a volume builder because we prefer to take on fewer clients to ensure that we are able to focus on building pools to the best of our ability. Our clients’ satisfaction is our biggest priority and we go above and beyond to ensure that you are completely happy with the finished product.

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