How to Pick a Cleaning System for Your New Pool

Swimming Pool Cleaning system

Pool sweeps are a great option for keeping your pool clean with no hassle.

Aww man! You’re getting a new pool?? We’re so jealous. It’s probably a fancy inground pool too, isn’t it. How’re you going  to keep it clean? Oh, you didn’t think about that part? It’s pretty easy to get swept up in the excitement of a new pool, but planning ahead can make all the difference in keeping your pool clean. Read on to learn a little about the different kinds of pool cleaning systems available.

Pool Sweeps

Sweeps work like vacuum cleaners by sucking up debris. There are two types of pool sweeps, suction side pool sweeps and pressure side pool sweeps. A suction side pool sweep uses the suction from the filter pump to pull debris into the strainer basket, while pressure side pool sweeps use your pumps water pressure to push debris into a bag, kind of like a lawnmower. Suction side pool sweeps are capable of cleaning the sides of your pool, while pressure side pool sweeps cannot. However, pressure side sweeps have the benefit of preventing your filter from becoming clogged.

Automated Systems

An automated system, like the PCC2000 system from Paramount, use specialized jets to push debris and dirt to a collection drain. The jets are installed directly into the surface of your pool, including the stairs and walls, and come in six different colors to fit your pool surface . When not in use, the jets retract to keep out of the way. The jets also help circulate the water, keeping the water temperature more consistent, and increasing cleaning chemicals effectiveness. Less chemicals means a more environmentally friendly swimming pool.

Paradise Pools Can Help Keep Your Pool Clean

If you’re ready to renovate your inground swimming pool, or need a professional opinion, contact the friendly people at Paradise Pools, or give us a call at (301)-725-0005 for help deciding on the best pool cleaning system for you.

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