How To Properly Clean Your Pool

It is important to clean your pool on a regular basis or it could end up looking like this.

A pool is a great addition to your backyard. It adds visual appeal as well as an opportunity for you and your family to go swimming whenever you’d like. However, nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool where the water looks like It’s starting to acquire a greenish-brown tint. You want to keep your pool as clean as possible to avoid any possible health hazards. Here is how to properly clean your pool.


This is something you want to do daily to get rid of any debris, leaves, or bugs that may have found their way onto the water’s surface. Nets are inexpensive and are good at catching anything that is on the surface of the water. Skimming is an easy part of keeping the water clean and keeps you from having to extensively clean your pool more often than you’d like to. Also, make sure you clean out the actual skimmer or you are just putting debris back into your pool as you try to clean it.


Using a pool brush, go across the sides to get rid of dirt and grime. Though you may not always be able to see the dirt on the sides, the build up is there. This is something that can be done weekly to assure that there is no excessive build up.


No matter how often you skim the surface of your pool, there is bound to be some stubborn debris that makes it way to the bottom. The last thing you want to do is jump into a pool and step into a pile of dirt. To avoid this, vacuum the bottom of your pool at least once a week. Make sure you buy a pool vacuum that is designed to go into water and filter out the excess.

Check Filter

Your pool’s filter is designed to collect dirt and debris from the water. If you fail to clean and change the filter out on a regular basis, it will cause a blockage and it will no longer be able to collect any debris. You should be able to do this once a week to avoid any issues with the filter, but different brands may vary.


If you need to do a quick, deep cleaning, a shock treatment is a good way to go. It cleans the water of algae, dirt, and bacteria that comes from people swimming in it. This is a good idea after a  pool party or just every now and again to assure cleanliness. Shocking the water drastically alters chemical levels for a temporary time, so make sure you don’t go swimming right after a shock treatment.

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