How To Keep Your Pool In Shape During The Cold Weather

How To Keep Your Pool In Shape During The Cold Weather

Don’t abandon your pool over the cold months.

Okay, so clearly the weather hasn’t exactly shifted to a cooler state just yet, but it will, we all know that. Though it is quite amazing to see the abnormally high temperatures still hanging around as we enter October. Anyway, when those cold temperatures do arrive, the pool season will end, but that doesn’t mean you completely stop all maintenance! You have to put in the effort to make sure your pool area looks flawless by the time the next season rolls around. This is an important concept to remember. Your pool will quickly decay if you don’t give it the proper attention it deserves, so make sure you’re looking after it.

The Cover Is Key

We’ve touched on this recently, but the pool cover is essential for cold weather, especially as we enter the winter months. In the fall, you’ll have to deal with the leaves constantly falling down in bunches. In the winter, you’ll need protection against the heavy snowfall. A pool cover protects against these two things, and it guarantees that your water won’t be in terrible shape when you go to take it off. Whether it’s dirt, debris, or other items, the cover has you, well, covered. A mesh cover would be the best way to go, as you’ll have an easier time taking it off for the next season.

Don’t Forget To Clean

There’s a lot of cleaning that can be done with the area surrounding your pool, but what you can’t forget is the water itself. The chemicals you used recently should be discarded during the winter months, and you’ll need to restock for the new season. It’s a definite risk if you decide to use older chemicals, and this will ensure the health of pool.


During the pool off-season, your water and walls can become susceptible to algae blooming. The best way to prevent this buildup from occurring is by adding a dose of algaecide to the water. In an ideal scenario, you want to accomplish this task before closing the pool, but if not you can do it right before re-opening.

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