The Advantages of an Automated Pool Cover

Have you considered adding an automated pool cover?

Ready to enjoy your Maryland pool this summer? The best way to beat the heat and spend time with family and friends is taking a dip! However, if you don’t have an automated pool cover for your Maryland pool, you are missing out on major safety benefits and more. What are some of the many advantages of an automated pool cover?

Safety First

Safety is the biggest benefit of an automated pool cover. You will still need to keep an eye on your pool, but an automated pool cover will always be over keeping your pool safe when you aren’t. An automated pool cover will be able to deter children and pets from taking a dip, and it will even keep neighborhood animals and wildlife from entering the pool and drowning. Since accidental drowning in family pools is still a major cause of death for young children and pets, this reason is especially important.

Save Major Money

An automated pool cover can also save you tons of money over time through:

  • Conserving the pool heat that you use by reducing heat loss up to a whopping 70%
  • Pool chemicals won’t evaporate in the sun when you use an automated pool cover on your Maryland pool, reducing chemical loss up to 70%
  • You will use less electricity and energy to filter the pool, as less filtration will be needed overall
  • You will reduce water evaporation loss up to an amazing 90%!

They’re Convenient

Last but not least, automated pool covers are incredibly convenient. You never need to worry about forgetting to put your pool cover on or losing tons of money into chemicals that just evaporate anyway. Automated pool covers help to protect the investment that you made in your Maryland pool.

Gorgeous Swimming Pools from Paradise Pools

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