How Long Should My Pool Pump Motor Last?

pool pump motor

A pool pump motor working correctly will keep your pool water fresh and clean.

A pool pump motor is like the heart of your pool filtration system, it keeps everything moving through the system and is vital to a clean pool. If the pump fails, your pool will quickly become grimy and the risk of an algae bloom skyrockets. In order to help you keep your pool clean and enjoyable, even as the weather starts to cool off, here are a few tips on how to protect your pool pump from unnecessary wear and how to tell when it’s time for a new on.

Rain and Snow

Living in Maryland means you’ll probably experience a moderate amount of rain and snowfall each year. The best way to protect your pump motor from the elements is to cover it. Make sure the cover allows for adequate ventilation, though, since motors create heat. If you notice large amounts of rust on your motor, it might be time to replace it.

Too Much Demand

We can continue our metaphor of the pump being the heart of the pool when talking about the demand you put on a pool pump motor. Just like a body poor blood circulation, a filtration system where the pressure is allowed to raise too high too often will result in a large demand on the pump motor. If the pump motor is made to work too hard it will seriously cut into the lifespan of the motor. If you know your pump has been put under extreme pressure on a regular basis, you might begin to notice a decrease in performance. If this is the case you might be in need of a new pump motor.   

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