How To Keep Your Outdoor Kitchen Clean

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Keeping that outdoor kitchen clean is vital to making sure it lasts!

Summertime is the busy season for the outdoor kitchen and patio. Whether it’s a casual weeknight dinner or a weekend cookout, chances are you’re spending an above average amount of time cooking outside. Just like your indoor kitchen, though, an outdoor kitchen needs to be kept clean and tidy. A clean kitchen is an efficient kitchen, and one that lasts too. While it may not need the same level of attention as your kitchen inside, regular cleaning and maintenance will help you make the most of your outdoor kitchen.

The Grill

The showpiece and the main tool of your outdoor kitchen, the grill is one thing that cannot be overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Everybody knows to clean the grates before you get to grilling, but you should just focus on one area. Checking the other components of your grill like the burners, valves, and hoses will extend the life of your grill and help you avoid any big problems down the road.

Stainless Steel

While stainless steel is an obvious choice for outdoor kitchens, given its strength and durability, you still need to take care of it. Limiting direct contact with knife edges or hot pots and pans will help extend the life of the steel. Don’t go overboard on the cleaning, though. Just a rinse with soapy water followed by drying with towel will do the trick. Stay away from chemical cleaners and steel wool pads, as they can be corrosive to the surface.


Outdoor kitchen furniture tends to lean more towards a kitchen style than a patio style. This usually mean that the furniture isn’t as well suited to the weather and therefore more prone to wear from the elements. Keeping it out of rain and extreme weather by storing it in a pool house is the best idea, but a vinyl cover works too.

Paradise Pools

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