How Does an Infinity Pool Work?

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Infinity pools really are stunning, but how do they work?

You have seen infinity pools in high-end resorts and exotic photo shoots all over the internet, but do you know how they work? This luxurious anomaly has confused many since they became popular. The infinity pool is often called vanishing, negative, zero, or disappearing edge pools. They are those gorgeous pools that simply appear to drop into the horizon on one or more edge, so it appears that the horizon extends forever. If you have ever wondered how these optical illusions work, read on.  

The Trick Of The Infinity Pool

An infinity pool has one or more walls that meet the water level exactly. This is unlike regular pools, which have walls that extend beyond the water. These walls slope downward away from the pool which forms a waterfall. This helps to create that famous effect, but where does all that falling water go? It turns out that that water falls into a catch pool, a basin that sits beneath the vanishing edge. This water is then collected and pumped back into the main pool.  

What Makes An Infinity Pool Work

The view is key. For an infinity pool to work perfectly, the vanishing edge needs to be positioned so that the catch pool cannot be seen from the best viewing spots. If there is not already a natural slope present, extra work will have to be done to create this before an effective infinity pool can be installed in a way which allows you to enjoy a perfect view. The catch pool must also be the perfect size, neither too large or small. It needs to be deep enough to catch spillover water, but not so deep that it makes the water level of the visible pool low.

An Infinity Pool from Paradise Pools

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