Should You Consider Switching to Salt Water?

Salt Water

Salt water pools can actually have plenty of benefits, but is it right for you?

Salt water pools are a trending amongst pool owners all across the country. There are a bunch of benefits to salt water like reducing the amount of chemical you’re exposed to, lowering the maintenance and upkeep costs with your pool, and generally making the water more enjoyable to swim in.

It’s Safer

A traditional chlorinated pool uses that chlorine to sanitize the water and prevents algae from growing in your pool. However, we all know the side effects from swimming in a chlorinated pool for too long: irritated eyes, allergies, skin irritation, and since chlorine is a carcinogen, it’s even linked to cancer. Many studies have even shown that exposure to chlorine tablets over time is a health risk, which is worrisome for those of us who love to spend a lot of time in a pool, especially children. With salt water, you’ll have added peace of mind that your pool is safer in the long-run.

It’s Lower Maintenance

If you’ve been a pool owner for awhile, you know that maintaining your pool is a labor of love, as it’s time consuming and the products you need to keep your pool in working order are expensive. Although converting to a salt water pool will be a large upfront investment, over time you’ll save hundreds of dollars per year. While salt water pools are not maintenance free, as you still need to check the chlorine levels, especially during the summer, you won’t have to scrub your pool as often, therefore saving you dozens of hours in maintenance each month.

It’s Gentler to Swim In

Don’t worry, your salt water swimming pool will not feel like swimming in the ocean. It only has 1/10 of the salinity of ocean water, so think more of rainwater instead of ocean water. Salt water pools have a self-chlorinated system called electrolysis. This process creates its own chlorine, so you don’t have to add any to your pool. This makes the water gentler for your skin and eyes so you can continue to enjoy all of the health benefits of having a pool.

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