7 Ways that Swimming is the Best Form of Exercise

Is swimming your favorite form of exercise?

Swimming is a great way to maximize your summer enjoyment and get some exercise at the same time. Whether you already have a swimming pool in your yard or you are looking for more reasons to install one this summer, here are seven of the many ways that swimming is the best form of exercise. Dive in!

Swimming Helps Your Heart

Swimming in a swimming pool has been shown to provide excellent cardiac conditioning, as long as you swim on a regular basis. While other types of exercise also do a great job, like running or bike riding, swimming is good for your heart at every level of skill (yes, even you in your backyard swimming pool doing an amateur breaststroke!).  

Swimming Balances Your Body

If you currently have an uneven build, swimming is a great exercise to help even out your body. Swimming helps to cultivate long and lean muscles instead of the short dense muscles that people get from weight lifting.

Swimming Gives You More Flexibility

If you have a heated swimming pool, it can actually help to increase your mobility and flexibility over time. Heated pools relax muscles and increase your overall flexibility. If you love doing other forms of exercise as well, taking a dip in the swimming pool afterward can help to get rid of excess toxins and relax your muscles.

Swimming Strengthens Your Core

Swimming helps you to build a strong core by working out your entire body at the same time. While a whopping 70% of your effort during swimming will come from your upper body, swimming does work out the entirety of your body.  

Swimming Builds Your Endurance

Many athletes who are not swimmers take regular dips in swimming pools because swimming is known to build unparalleled endurance. Over time, you will notice your increased stamina and endurance on days that you don’t go swimming.  

Swimming Helps You Socialize

Swimming is a great way to spend time with your family and friends in your backyard. If you struggle to get together at the same time, invite your children down to the swimming pool to have a swim and catch up at the same time.  

Swimming Helps You Lose Weight

Are you trying to drop a few pounds? The swimming pool is a great place to get the job done! Anyone who consistently swims will do enough cardio that any excess weight will drop off without any extra effort.  

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